Our Company

la_nostra_azienda_thumbWILBRA has been a leading name in the leather market for fifty years, offering products for the finishing, care, upkeep, repair and production of smooth leather and suede goods.

From footwear to bags, from jackets to trousers and belts, from sofas to armchairs... where there's leather, there's a WILBRA product for it.

WILBRA has successfully evolved in terms of technology and increased productivity, meaning it has been able to offer the best product available every step of the way to achieving its current standards of specialisation and quality.

From the original small building, the company has expanded to today's three facilities covering a total of 11,000 square metres, 6,000 of which are covered.

The latest machinery makes quick and flexible production a reality, with a wide variety of colours and a whole range of formats.

Product quality is assured by consistently high standards of the raw materials purchased -selected from primary, certified suppliers- and by production control at all stages based on proven experience refined over the course of a half century.

WILBRA's wide and loyal customer base in Italy and abroad attests to the company's success, and features some of the most prestigious names in all leather-related sectors.

The sales network, consisting of representatives with thorough knowledge of the business, is a valued point of reference for the customer and a reliable interface with headquarters.

WILBRA is a leader in its market and acknowledged as a manufacturer of chemical products for leather and footwear who has always kept a keen eye on developments, capable of interpreting demands of customers and consumers alike. Last but not least, it is known for being very safety conscious when it comes to the products offered and their environmental impact.

Whether it's smooth leather or suede, WILBRA has the answer.